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With brooches being one of the leading accessories in modern day society, fashion is continually repeating itself. Many leading fashion icons known for their unique brooches are now use this versatile jewellery piece to accessorize hats, bags and even hair.

Opals Australia offers a large variety of refined opal jewellery, which includes an interesting line of brooches; Available in 18K and 14K yellow gold (with white gold being increasingly popular), our brooches would work well as a stand alone jewellery item, and equally as impressive when used as accessories for other fashion items.

Our unique range of brooches also includes some designs that can be doubled as pendants, allowing consumers the versatility of using them for different occasions.

For budget conscious customers, we have a silver range available for your selection consisting of both doublet and solid inlay opal in a variety of modern and sleek designs. These items have been very popular since their release in 2008.

On the other end of the spectrum, Opals Australia have recently released a special one-off design called ėDeep Sea Odysseyî. It is magically created by 126 pieces of sparkling fancy coloured diamonds that are crafted beautifully into an 18K white gold setting, which in turns highlight the depth and mystique of the 117 carats Queensland Natural Boulder Opal within. If you have any interest in this item, please contact us for further information.


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