To assist our resellers' sales staff, Opals Australia has developed a comprehensive training and reference handbook. The handbook is divided into easy find sections:

1.0 What is an opal?
This section discusses the origin of the term, chemical composition, how opal is formed and how colour in opal is produced. There is also a concise history of Opals Australia.

2.0 Where does opal come from?
We cover the origins of the world's precious opal, and in particular regions in Australia where different opal types are found, includes a map for easy reference.

3.0 Types of opal
The 4 main types of opal are described and pictured in this section.

4.0 Solid, doublets and triplets
This section describes the ways in which opal is used in jewellery, or presented as a loose stone.

5.0 Looking after your opal
This section provides a summary of the best practices to avoid damaging opal, and how to best care for opal jewellery.

6.0 Questions to answer
We compile a simple 11 question quiz from the information presented in the handbook, to assist in the training process.

7.0 Quick facts for selling opals from Opals Australia
This is a summary page at the back of the handbook, which can be used as a quick reference by the sales staff to consolidate their knowledge of opal and opal jewellery.

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