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I want to buy a Black opal or Boulder opal or Fire opal pendant do you have any available?
At Opals Australia we are specialists in Australian opal, specifically Light opal. We do not manufacture Black or Boulder for sale online, although on some special occasions we may have some available.

As for fire opal, strictly speaking this comes from Mexico and we do not use opal from anywhere else other than Australia. There is some misconception in terminology of fire opal, which sometimes seems to be used to describe Black opal with red colour, strictly speaking this is incorrect.
Is it possible to buy just the opal without jewellery? or Do you sell loose opal?
While we do cut and polish the vast majority of opal we use in our jewellery, we do not sell loose opal. This is mainly because as opal is becoming rarer we utilise our productAndImages1 of loose stones in our wide range of jewellery.
I am interested in purchasing an opal ring, but I am not sure of my ring size. Can you help?
We certainly can there is a ring sizing chart here (link to ring sizing chart)
What is the standard size of your opal rings?
All our rings are made at US size 7 which is a UK size N1/2. We will happily resize any of our rings, however there a certain constraints we face. Solid inlay rings usually have to be specially manufactured at the requested size, which can take 4-6 weeks. Please be aware that it can take a little longer to ship the jewellery to you if a resize is required.
Are the images of products shown on your website a sample? or Is it the actual product to be shipped stone and all?
The images are samples of the products we have available, as it unfeasible to take photos of each individual piece for each individual design. Due to our large inventory we do our best to match as closely to the colour of the opal on our website. If for some reason this is not possible we would contact you with your options of colours.

Alternatively you may wish to request a particular colour in your order; again we will do our best to supply it. We also have the option to specially make the piece for you, although there is a 4-6 week wait in this case.

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