Be a part of the world's fastest growing brand in opal jewellery.
We have been in opal since 1925; in 2005 the OA retail brand was born. Though OA is young and daring, we guide it with over 75 years of experience and wisdom. Our products and services embody the integrity of OA. We have brought about a unique jewellery buying experience for consumers around the world. We see a bright future for our resellers, as OA is truly unique in the branded jewellery market.

Team up with the largest opal jewellery manufacturing house.
Our extensive network gives us access to the right quantity, of the high quality opal we demand for our fine jewellery. Opals Australia is involved in the entire chain of production from sourcing rough opal to packaging OA branded jewellery. Our offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, give our sales and service teams, global coverage.

Make your store unique in your marketplace.
For all of our resellers we offer exclusivity of OA in their local area. You may even qualify to be the exclusive reseller of your city or town. Due to the rareness of opal we are very careful not to saturate any single location with the OA brand. We want our resellers to occupy their own unique market space, as we like to occupy ours.

Take advantage of specialised marketing and sales support and benefits.
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