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Opals Australia has developed a brand new range of bracelets set in the following metal types: Sterling Silver, 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, 18k yellow gold, and 18k white gold. A variety of precious opal types are used in Opals Australia bracelet range and they include Light Opal, Doublet Opal, and solid Inlay Opal.

Opals Australia has a number of beautiful traditional and modern design for our opal bracelets. These bracelet designs are set with a variety of opal shapes, and sizes. The shapes of the bracelets include calibrated Oval, Pear, and Rounds and also a variety of freeform shapes.

A growing number of stylish sterling silver bracelets are also available. This new range has helped Opals Australia to catch a more youthful audience and those who are more price conscious. Due to the lower cost of sterling silver, our bracelets can be manufactured with less restraint, leading to designs that are unique, non-traditional and completely new for the market place. Opals Australia is also producing some modern inlay sterling silver bracelets, these bracelets are also set with diamonds.

Furthermore, you will also be able find on our website a number of light opal and doublet opal bracelets set in gold. Fine quality opals are used in a variety of traditional elegant bracelet designs. Claw setting is used in these bracelets, this enables the light to refract and highlight the beautiful colours of opals in this bracelet range.


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