Learn about a variety of aspects about opal and jewellery Opal setting.

Opal is a fantastically versatile material, which is as brilliant in a classic pendant, as it is in a bold and contemporary bangle.

Our 14K and 18K gold collection are going as strong as ever, and with the white or yellow gold for most items, the sheer numbers of choices available are remarkable.

Whether it is a gift for someone special or a small reward for yourself, a pendant and a pair of beautifully matched Opals Australia earrings is a fantastic choice. Wanted to be special? An opal bracelet or bangle would add that bit of individuality to the person lucky enough to wear it. For something less common, how about a gold or silver brooch? It would splendidly complete a ladies jewellery collection.

Men should not be disappointed either, as we have a good range of tie tacks, cufflinks and menís rings for their selection!

While it has been suggested that Opals are for the older generations only, this could not be further from the truth. A look at our current collections, especially our ever expanding sterling silver collection would convince the harshest of critics that opal is very much a trendy material that matches fantastically on funky jewellery pieces designed by and for younger people.


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