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Pendant is perhaps the most popular choice of jewellery style in the world. It is also the best selling style for Opals Australia.

The wide range of pendant designs on offer on our website is certain to meet the requirement of different stores and individual customers: For everyday wear, we have a large collection of small to medium sized pendants that is simple and elegant without being overpowering. For those with more contemporary taste, our solid inlay opal mixes artistic curves, contours, and brilliant craftsmanship to create a unique pendant that is unrivalled by other gemstones.

For special occasions, a larger, more prominent Opals Australia pendant in gold or sterling silver, with freeform light opal doublet or solid light opal would perfectly illustrate the uniqueness of natural opal, in comparison to other standard sized and shaped gemstones.

Opals Australia, being a premium producer of quality opal jewellery, also offers many stunning masterpieces in the form of diamond encrusted crystal opal necklaces and pendants for selections. Many of our exquisite showpieces are in our private collection, and are not available for viewing or ordering on our website.

We also offer some pendant designs as a pearl enhancer, allowing the jewellery to be clipped onto pearl necklaces. Furthermore, some pendant designs also double as a brooch; create another use for the owner.

We offer pendant in 14K, 18K white and yellow gold, plus many choices of designs in our ever expanding sterling silver range.

The opal necklace pendant is a perfect gift for any occasion. When purchasing an opal necklace it is guaranteed that you will give a unique gift as all opals have distinctive patterns and designs. Choose an opal necklace pendant that is perfect for your special someone.


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