The most well known area where Black opals are found is Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Australia. For Boulder Opals, Winton, Quilpie and their surrounding area in Queensland are renowned for its production.

Most of the opal used by Opals Australia comes from the South Australia region of Coober Pedy, Mintabie and Andamooka, which are renowned for its reserve of solid light opals, and extremely valuable crystal opals.

Opals Australia is a specialist in solid light opals, crystal opals, which we also use to create our doublet opal and solid inlay opal jewellery from.

Although Solid opal is considered to be of higher value than composite opals, such as doublets, a similar priced doublet opal will deliver a larger stone, and/or one with brighter and more attraction colour, then a solid light opal. Furthermore, doublet opals do have a significantly different colour tone to that of the light opal, therefore the decision to purchase doublet often comes down to customerís personal colour preference rather than straightly a budget consideration.

Opals Australia also has a selection of exquisite Black and Boulder opal jewellery. These are not available online as they are unrepeatable one-off pieces. Available only upon request, interested parties may contact us for further discussions.


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