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One of the main characteristic of Opal is the seemingly limitless change of colour one can see when turning and rotating an Opal. This is due to the different spheres of particles in its structure which reflect lights differently, create varying colours as the angle of the light source changes.

Due to this special property of Opal, matching opal earrings has always been a challenge for Opal jewelers, as no two opals will ever be the same. All types of opal encounter such problem, including solid light opals, black opals, boulder opals and doublet opals.

Opals Australia acknowledges this problem and is adamant that the only way to tackle this issue is to stock a wide range of Opal material for use in the matching of earrings and other jewellery require more than one stone per designs.

We are very proud and confident that the work we have put in is reflected in the quality of our opal earrings, which are renowned for its quality as well as the likeness of the opals used.

In terms of designs, small 14K and 18K gold stud earrings for everyday wear remains a top seller, while simple hook earrings have recently been very well sought after. For those with a lesser budget, earrings from our Icon range and sterling silver collection offers a great entry point without compromising on the style and substance that any Opals Australia jewellery promise.


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